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These are two collage-y versions of t-shirts that I’ve made before: on the left, the Alison Glass pattern; on the right, the Deer & Doe Plantain.

L: Alison Glass Shirt

What’s going on with the shoulder there? Whatever it is, I can just add it to the list of this project’s “quirks.” While the dress I made from this pattern used a drapey knit, this one was snappy and rolled like crazy at the cut edge. It’s a yard of the Tokyo knit from Marcy Tilton; sleeves are 1/4 yard of a mesh knit. I’ve made this t-shirt three times, and EVERY TIME I over-trim the hem. I try it on, mark it, add 1.5″, and it STILL seems short to  me. This is the longest and most wearable version yet; my daughter pairs the others with her high-waisted 80s jeans. Might be destined for the donation pile.  And by “might” I mean “is.”


umm yeah, no.


R: Deer & Doe Plantain

Very happy with this one. Body was a 1-yard end cut from Marcy Tilton; sleeves are a gray mesh knit from my small stash. I cut the hems along the selvedge end and felt very fancy.



The pants are flat-front chinos from Lands End. Flat-front pants are a rare find in the RTW world and confirmation that I really need to bite the bullet and try Colette’s Clover pattern.

Shoes are  refurbished Donald J. Pliners from the thrift store: $5 + 20 minutes with the suede brush and eraser. I thought they looked vintage-y.

some people restore cars. or paintings. i restore shoes.

Spring Break, Part 2

Update: Magical thinking does not in fact work, although our washer and dryer might have fantastical properties.

The hottest of hot water followed by a haboob-level turn in the dryer neither shrank nor felted (phew) my sweater. Instead, our appliances converted my wannabe tank into a tunic? Rave wear cover-up?



This makes five (I counted while trying to practice detachment) top-down projects that have mutated in spite of conscientious gauge-swatching.  This morning in the shower I realized that in all five cases, I chose the pattern size based on my full bust measurement instead of my high bust measurement. If I were sewing, I would do an FBA.

But there is no knitting equivalent as far as I know….is there?

Have you ever graded between sizes when knitting?