I somehow squeezed this project in between my #OAL2017 sweater and #100days100blocks. Hashbrown-distractible, as Kimmy Schmidt would say.

Behold, the Twinette!



It was a lighting-fast knit: less than a week between cast-on and bind-off.  Then it sat on top of a pile of fabric until I blocked it. One skein of fingering on size 5 or 6 needles. I forget. The yarn is from Etsy seller SockObsessionYarns and I’m smitten. Not even remotely itchy and it pools in the best way. Colorway is “Baltico.”

Now back to the OAL!

What’s distracting you lately?



Lift Off!


After an untimely rotary cutter injury, I’ve finally been able to swatch the sweater for #OAL2017. It might skew towards what my friend Jolene calls “full-on clown car,” but I’m okay with that. Dressing like a member of the abnegation faction is starting to lose its appeal for me. My recent obsession with color feels visceral and I’ve decided to just go with it.

Is your wardrobe mostly colorful or neutral?


Happy June!

This month is the kickoff for #OAL2017, hosted by Lladybird and Andi at Untangling Knots. The terms are flexible and generous: Between June 1 and July 31, knit one item and sew one item to make a complete outfit.

I’m knitting the Rondeur by Mercedes Tarasovich in Wildwood Yarn’s Pima Silk Handpaint.


I’m sewing (and drafting) an a-line skirt that I’ll make in a blue shot cotton as a lighter-weight alternative to denim.

shot cotton
Shot cotton in “Blue Jean” from Kaffe Fassett.


There’s also a “Summer of  Basics” make-along sponsored by Fancy Tiger Crafts, Fringe Association, and Grainline Studios.  I seriously considered participating in this one too, but decided to skip it for two  reasons.

First, I have a small wardrobe that mostly consists of “basics,” so they get a lot of exposure and wear. I need to be able to rely on them and my skills aren’t quite there yet.

Second, I’ve learned from my participation in #100days100blocks2017 that I really, really miss working with color. I’m incredibly privileged to have the time and resources to think and act along these lines.

Are you participating in any summer sewalongs? Do you make your own basics?